The Journey To Recovery


For discovery to take place, there must be a need, and thus a recovery process is activated. You must discover that something is lost before you can recover whatever thing that
is lost. It is when a need arise that you discover that something is lost.
The need maybe to change your status, your job or to get a suitable place for yourself, this is the first step to recovery. When you discover all your need, get a sheet of paper
and pen, list them vertically beggining from the most important to the less important. When this is accomplished…you are up for the next step.

The next step is to start making research, look at the list, from first to the last. At this point you need another sheet of paper, write the first one item on the list in capital and
bold letter at the top of the paper. Then just underneath it, start putting down ways you can get it done. At this point, you need to be patient and be critical and realistic in
your thinking. Start by answering the following questions:
where can i get this thing, how can i get it done, how much will it cost me, who can be of help to me in achieving this goal. When all these questions are answered, then you
can proceed to the next level.

The next step is sourcing for where, how, who and the amount required. It may not always necesarily be money, it may be people in your environment that you know that they
have knowledge of what you need, it may also require your time or energy to get the things you need. You need to know what you need. When all these is accomplished, you
are now set for the next step.

The next thing to do now is action – the art of recovery. This is the stage where the men are seperated from the boys and the women from the girls. It is the stage where people
find it vey dificult to continue and it is actually the determining stage of whether you will recover or not. This stage marks the end of an era and the beggining of another.
Weariness, discouragement, doubt, fear may set in but determination, focus coupled with perseverance and self denial is the technique to scale through.

When you possess all these attributes, then your recovery system is set to fly. The journey from recovery starts from discovery. I charge you to go and find the thing that
made you who you are, what your creator instill into you. We are unique people, you are different from the other over 7 billion people in the world. Nobody has you finger
print and your DNA is not replicated in anyway or form to be exactly like others. This means, you have an obligation to fulfill, a unique and special thing in life. Go and
discover it and then start you journey to recovering and making it work.

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