Hardworking or Working Hard

“I am a very hardworking, intelligent young graduate of the University of …”; One of the Interviewer read aloud to the hearing of his Board Members. He smiled to the rest of his colleagues, they nodded back in acceptance of a key determining factor that could lead to me being employed. Then the next question came in; “Can you multi-task and how effective are you with little or no supervision?”

Oh No! Here we go again! My head was pounding really hard. It’s one of those jobs where you work as a Jackie Chan or workaholic as the case may be, then end the month with little or no gratitude for a job well done because they are paying you a salary of #50,000 or thereabout.

Yes! They know there was a JD (Job Description) which aligned with your abilities and consequently urged you to submit your CV in anticipation for further interviews and possible employment. Of course that’s why you would be employed. A brilliant mind to exploit, you need the experience and they need the Jackie or the energy and dedication you have to offer.

That is the exact scenario most youths find themselves in. The zeal to work is there but basically unsure if they want to engage in Hardwork or just work hard and expect it to yield results. What is all this hullabaloo about hardworking and working hard? Please let me explain concisely.


Without the suffix ‘-ing’, there’s no such word existing in the dictionary. It’s often misconstrued as a singular word and its usage sends wrong idea to the listener/reader.              Hard work is illustrated in the picture below.


Hard work is engaging in very strenuous services that does not reflect in the wage being offered. It involves serious manual labour with less or no time for vacation, very minimal rest for the body, abuse of drugs, et al.

Meanwhile, Working Hard is hard work in the right path to success and accomplishment. While retiring to bed after working hard each day, you’ll smile to yourself knowing you are one day closer to achieving your goal. It’s a simple difference but its complexity is simplified by the definition given in the earlier paragraph. Achieving success is easier when you are working hard towards achieving a certain goal or purpose. An Olympian aiming for Gold starts preparation immediately after the last Olympics Event, He/she sets a training schedule for himself/herself and STICKS to it. Such person would only lose the Gold medal to someone who has worked harder and that’s the basic truth. Let’s take a glance at a musician’s life, he writes a sentence or two, strings them together with the help of an instrumentalist to make melodious and harmonious sound to us. The harder the effort they put into the song, the more we appreciate them for it. It’s also important to note that the ones who have stopped making waves have basically stopped working hard.

So you tell me now, are you working knowing you’ll be independent tomorrow or are you working knowing your wage will only pay for your next meal?

Are you engaging in Hardwork or you’re Working Hard?

i'm happy


Abiodun Bernard Alonge



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