About EclatSpot

EclatSpot, the convergence of brilliant minds. We focus on educating young entrepreneurs on building solid and lasting businesses. EclatSpot is a platform where entrepreneurs can learn, coach other young and upcoming entrepreneurs, perform business transactions, build solid network,  expand and enlarge their businesses.

The following are the three things we do in EclatSpot.

  • We educate
  • We engage/connect and
  • We empower

We Educate.

Young and upcoming entrepreneurs need knowledge to go about their businesses and even grow it. A lot of businesses has packed in today as a result of little or inadequate knowledge of the business they venture into.With the knowledge and experience of experienced entrepreneurs among us, this can be taken care of. We have days that we receive lectures from our seasoned business man and women who lecture us on business ethics, financial management, writing ground-breaking business proposal, budgeting, investment and so on.

We Engage/Connect.

On our platform, we transact business and people are allowed to sign deal, we also connect our young and brilliant entrepreneurs with ground-breaking ideas to submit their proposals and also showcase their businesses. On this platform, connection is built, existing connection is strengthen and above all money is made. EclatSpot is a place to be for all aspiring and young entrepreneurs.

We Empower.

Empowerment of entrepreneurs is done by linking up entrepreneurs to people who will empower and fund their businesses. We will be organising an exhibition, where investors put their money in businesses they like and we will also set up summit where everyone can come together and get lectured physically, transact business, make money and have fun together as one big happy family of world changers.